Retailers, homebuyers, and real estate brokers all benefit from real estate apps. The real estate apps have changed and altered the business in ways you can’t conceive. You’ll need the expertise of a top real estate app development company with app developers who understand the real estate sector if you want to build a real estate app like Trulia or Zillow.


The cost of a real estate mobile app is calculated by function and complexity of the app. The location of the developers and the amount of hours or time spent on the app development work. We calculated the cost of developing a featured real estate app based on a variety of factors.


Our skilled real estate app programmers are well-versed in real estate app development, utilising cutting-edge technologies to make smarter, better robust, and scalable apps that improve customer engagement and profitability.


The amount of functionality is the major factor that influences the cost of developing a real estate app. Is it a simple real estate business that only needs to list your property, or do you require a full real estate MLS system?


We evaluated all the overhead costs from prior real estate app development projects, and an average real estate app development cost $30,000 to $50,000 for a single platform (either iOS or Android). If you choose a cross-platform app or add more real estate functionalities, the cost of the real estate app development may rise to $75,000 or more.


Your app should work well on the web, on mobile devices, and on desktop computers. You’ll be able to expand your user base and give a more seamless app experience this way. Make your real estate app instantly accessible and adaptable to the needs of your users.


The Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, is a comprehensive database of available homes and properties that brokers and realtors utilise to communicate essential information. It’s the most comprehensive source of data for your real estate application. Make sure to ask your developers to include MLS data when building a real estate app.


Zillow has around AI algorithms to make property recommendations based on the user’s preferences and previous searches. You can use AI to develop an app that outperforms the competition. By providing consumers with relevant and tailored search results, you may be able to shorten their journeys and increase retention rates.


Engineering talent, like real estate, is less expensive in other countries. Agencies in the United States, Australia, and Canada pay developers at the highest rates in the world, from $80-150 per hour, and bill their clients accordingly.


All of our estimations are based on previous projects that we’ve worked on. Naturally, these are estimates, and they won’t tell you exactly how much money you can spend on your project. They will, however, just give you a frame of reference, If you are looking for cost based on your idea you may contact us.