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Are you finding jewelry app development company, We design and develop B2B and B2C jewelry apps to help jewelry and gemstone businesses expand the reach of their product range. We work with jewelry stores, jewelry businesses, gemstone businesses to create them custom mobile app as per their requirements. Experience talks. We have experience app developers in our team to develop creative apps.

Key Features of Jewellery Store Mobile App

User Panel Key Features

-Log in/register with ease using your email or social profile.

-Create and maintain a profile

-Look through the products and add them to your wish list.

-View product certificates for quality assurance.

-Add to shopping cart
-Locator for physical stores
-Make a custom jewellery order
-Order management and delivery tracking
-Ratings and reviews can be viewed and given.
-Payment possibilities in several currencies
-Support in multiple languages
-Notifications through push

Jewelry Retailer Panel Features

-User registration/login
-Management of categories
-Management of products
-Management of prices
-Discounts and special offers can be added.
-Create and maintain a store listing
-Daily and group discounts should be added.
-Management of invoices
-Integrate with certificate providers and add certificates
-Chat with customers to provide help and answer their questions.

Admin Panel Features

-Login with confidence
-Organize your retailer listings
-Manage the jewellery product catalogue and ensure that quality standards are met.
-Examine the cost of the product.
-Manage user profiles in the CMS
-Organize your categories
-Organize goods delivery.
-Real-time tracking of jewelry product delivery
-Profits may be viewed and numerous reports can be generated.
-Examine user behavior as well as sales statistics.

Are you looking for the best jewelry app development company? We develop custom app for jewelry businesses. Mobile app is perfect place to highlight your jewelry items such as new collections, new categories, fancy and latest styles, and antique jewellery since there are so many smartphone users. Smartphones have changed the way jewelry businesses now think and respond to their clients’ needs. Nothing can make you happier than having the final version of your app running in front you. We have best jewelry app developers in Australia working hard to deliver best apps to our clients. Online jewellery shopping has become very popular, with thousands of people placing orders for ornaments every day. Mobile apps have become an as necessary part of companies as their main websites. However, not everyone can give you the right app development that fulfills your brand’s requirements, finding the right people is half the work and we at Incubasys provide best mobile app development service with quality assurance.


Jewelry App for Offical Jewelry Brand

Jewellery app focuses on promoting and displaying jewellery brand. This type of app is created by a company’s jewellery division, and it displays a wide variety of their own developed jewellery design on the app. Customers who are loyal to a particular jewellery brand can  conveniently shop the official brand jewelry through an app. With app growth, you would undoubtedly generate more revenue, resulting in higher profits. You risk missing a significant portion of your target customers if your brand don’t have a dedicated app for your jeweller store/brand. Our programmers can create B2B and B2C, ERP, and m-commerce apps for all devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows. We take into account the identity you want to build for your brand. Your vision of your company and our conception of it can come together and create an image that is fresh and different. This kind of approach has done nothing less than wonders for many companies’ clientele in the past.  

Multi Brand Jewelry App Development

If you own a jewelry shop that showcase jewelry from multiple brands you will need an app that can showcase jewelry of different brand under one channel. In a single mobile app, you can find jewellery from a variety of brands. Customers enjoy variety when shopping for anything they want, and the same is true for jewellery. The aim of this form of jewellery app is to attract consumers who want to try out different brands before committing to one.Our B2B jewellery app development services are up to date and interactive with current industry trends. Mobile App impress, only if they are able to showcase a strong footing in the right kind of technology. This can be shown by appropriate app designs and architecture.

Jewelry Catalog App Development

You will ensure that consumers have access to the entire product list by using a mobile app. Jewelry Mobile Apps can be used by target consumers to find out what they need at any time. They may also use their Smartphone or tablet to look at ornament information. They get a good idea of how the ornaments will look in real life thanks to the high-resolution display of today’s smartphones. With a few finger clicks and taps, they can locate the ornaments they need at any time and from any place. We work to minimize the difference between the impression you have on your customers and the one you want to have with your app. We work to align those perceptions into a single one. When you become a client you become part of the Incubasys family, and we make it a point to celebrate your victories.

Jewelry App Developers

Our team design and develop jewelry and gemstone apps. Show off your jewelry item to potential customers with the aid of the jewellery catalogue mobile app. This electronic catalogue categorises items and allows users to browse by category and product attributes.

  • The global jewelry market size in $330.0 billion in 2021
  • Building Cross Platform Apps – iOS and Android
  • #1 B2C Jewellery App Development Service
  • #1 B2B Jewellery App Development Service

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Jewelry App Developers