How Much Does VR Application Development Cost?

Virtual reality is the future of the technology market, which is rapidly growing and about to burst. With the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear VR finally shipping and being available to customers, the next few years will be crucial for VR technology, and we’ve already seen mobile app developers create applications to help those devices.

Consumers are being sold virtual reality technology across a variety of markets, including healthcare, education, the military, and architecture. It has become an excellent platform for companies and advertisers to bring their products and services to the general public, but the VR market is still relatively undeveloped, and mobile app developers are currently working on something worthwhile.

Now this may leave you wondering how much it will cost to build a VR app. This discussion below will help you get a rough estimation.

Pre-Requisites for VR App Development

To ensure that a VR app is designed precisely to the needs of consumers, and this is valid for every app development project, it begins with comprehensive project documentation, which essentially covers everything relevant to the project, every aspect and knowledge available at the start of the project is addressed and penned down. Begin with the VR app’s technical requirements, the main concept, and key features. If you have the ability to include pictures, screenshots, or even rough hand sketches to demonstrate your points, do so.

The mobile app developers’ team will be able to deliver the best approach based on the customer’s desires if they provide as much information as possible about the key concept, priorities, and features. Also, don’t forget to emphasis the key goal of your VR app: the challenge your future customers are experiencing and how the app intends to solve it.

Describe the process, including how the user begins using the app, what actions he can take, how certain features make the app more personal and useful to them, and how the app can improve their lives.

How Much Does A VR App Cost?

Virtual Reality apps are created for a variety of platforms, including Gear VR, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift, which affects the amount of time and money it takes to build an app for each device. VR apps are created with Unity3D, a cross-platform engine that allows any software to be adapted for any platform in a matter of hours.

The product development team assigns a Project Manager to your app development project until the prerequisites for your VR app are finalized. Fixed price model or price-as-you-go model are the two most popular pricing models for software development companies, and the same is true for VR applications. Fixed-price VR projects are ideally suited to those with a minimal budget and strict deadlines. If money and time are not a problem, you can choose the second choice and price the project as you go, based on the application’s needs and features. Both approaches have advantages and drawbacks, so choose the one that better suits your requirements.

In different parts of the world, VR implementations are priced differently. Of course, an app development company with more experience and better trained employees can quote a higher price for your project than someone who is just starting out or has only been in business for a few years.

You will be charged $40-$240 per hour in Australia, $40-$180 in Western Europe, $25-$70 in Eastern Europe, and $5-$70 in India. A simple VR application can cost anywhere from $5000 to 8000 dollars, with the price rising to $100,000 as the project becomes more complex.

Virtual reality apps are no longer a fantasy. They’re very real right now, and they’re also very expensive to produce. However, as the technology becomes more mainstream, more people can specialize in VR app production and provide lower-cost services.

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