Mobile App Development Cost Australia


In Australia an app development cost relies on so many factors i.e. app design, development company experience, developers capabilities, mobile application size, complexity of the technology used, maintenance, marketing, deployment.


Quick Estimation:

Basic apps – $20k to $50k

Database driven apps – $50k to $100k

Enterprise apps $250k to $500k

According to recent research, mobile app users will reach 95% of the market by the year 2021. As users and customers using mobile apps are increasing in number quite rapidly, mobile app development companies in Australia have great opportunity to strengthen it’s capabilities to provide best mobile app development service. Giving an exact amount mobile app development pricing would be a bit difficult as this entire cost depends on sorts of apps, their features, designs and much more, therefore request a mobile app development estimate based on your requirements.

Few main factors that influence the cost:

  • Who builds the app?


  • How app gets built?


  • Number of platforms(iPhone, Android, Web)


  • Number of screens.


  • App design.


  • App integrations.


  • Backend development requirements.


  • Number and complexity of the app features.

Every mobile app development company in Australia  have their master strategy to grow their business revenue generation. The business and revenue model is the major driving force behind the cost of app. Usually simple mobile apps for small businesses with limited features may require $20,000-$50,000 to develop. The average app development costs around $20,000-$250,000 depending on the complexity, scope of the project etc. Being specific, in Australia companies spend $50,000-$100,000 on a standard mobile app. Apps with more complexity and needs longer duration to develop may cost $250,000 or more. However, the enterprise companies easily spend $500,000-$1,000,000 to develop a capitalized, distinguished and unique featured app just like Chase Bank’s Comprehensive Mobile App Streamlines Usability With A Secure & Functional User Interface.


Stages in Mobile App Development:

App Idea and Research:


– Mobile app development demands a brilliant idea in the first place. Secondly, if the target of app is to influence audience or user and in what main issues it would help solving.


– Identification of top competitors and what their product is missing.

– At the end of this stage, a app development company would present a written document that would entirely elaborate that what the project is about and what each developer would need to work on different development stages. This stage requires approximately 2-8 days  depending on complexity.


App design:


-This stage puts a visual to the idea and also involves the User Interface design and wire framing. Generally it shows the architecture of the app, its screens and the components each screen shows. Visual designers, User Interface designers and front-end designers work in this stage.

-This stage takes approximately 2-30 days.



Interactive Prototyping:

– It will make the user enable to understand how app features and feedback work. User Interface designer is usually the in charge of this stage of work.

-Time duration of this stage is usually 2-30 days variable based on the features.



App Coding:

-This stage is comparatively essential one where the app developers write the code for the application under stern guidance of the project manager.

-This stage demands 1-12 months approximately.


Mobile App Testing:

-In this stage, quality assurance specialist will assure that the app is free from all sort of errors and bugs.

-It takes typically 2-60 days.



Deployment and Maintenance:

-In this last stage, app is ready to use by the users once it has uploaded on app stores.

-Deployment is included in the proposals, ongoing maintenance may vary depending on the technology used.

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